Ways that Coaching Works:

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JASCAT provides executive coaching services and programs to help professionals and teams achieve more.

Coaching helps you create a cultural change that facilitates your people at all levels to feel more connected and confident and achieve higher levels of success in your organization.

An executive coach guides you, your organization, or both through the steps to unlock your full potential by giving you new perspectives and ideas. Coaches also give you energy, drive, and determination.

With JASCAT executive coaching services and programs, you receive these benefits:

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  • Move up the corporate ladder while staying comfortable in your role.

  • Meet your goals faster.

  • Deliver better results with less effort.

  • Focus on solutions instead of problems
  • .
  • Increase job and life satisfaction
  • .
  • Gain more independence
  • .
  • Communicate more effectively
  • .
  • Produce higher quality results
  • .
  • Inspire employees to do their best work
  • .
  • Encounter less conflict with staff
  • .
  • Improve staff retention rates
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Why does executive coaching work?

  • Support: Client and coach are a team focused on the client's goals and the coach supports the client every step of the way.

  • Structure: Client gets the job done because coaches create an environment that supports accountability.

  • Success: Tools, support, structure, and personalized plans put you on the road to success quickly and effectively.

Why choose JASCAT?

You get over twenty-five years of experience with proven successes from professionals in national and international corporations. JASCAT has a firm grounding in business know-how, in the world of the executive leader, in corporate cultures and their impact on the organization.

Executive coaching services and programs are tailored to your needs. We have a team of professionals with expertise in different areas and put together the right team based on your goals.

JASCAT facilitates positive change by helping professionals change their thinking. We give guidance on how to improve more than just the bottom line. Fulfillment not only comes through higher profits and salary, promotions, and bonuses, but also through open communication, emotional growth, accountability, and creativity.

How can a coach help my organization move to the next level?

Many functioning teams get the work done and yours is most likely one of them because you are exploring executive coaching so you can take your organization from great to first-class. Even with your talents and other managers' talents, there could be hidden issues preventing the team from performing its best. The following research data says U.S. workers work too much, have too much stress, and lack the right kind of leadership.

ISR, an international employee research and consulting firm, reports United States professionals work the most hours in a year. These long hours lead to more stress and this impacts effectiveness. 63% of the 50,000 U.S. employees surveyed give leaders good ratings, so there is room for improvement. You may have clear goals and direction — a coach works with you to ensure the organization understands these goals and how to meet them to get the best results.  

Coaching ROI is about getting the best possible return on investment from one of companies' most valuable assets today—people.

Companies tend to toss the training budget believing it is not as important as other areas of the business. Yet, many articles and studies say top performing companies that pour money into training and coaching experience come out on top in financial performance and in key measures including retention and recruitment.

Inc Magazine reports a CEO who spent more money on training saw daily revenues rise from $800 to $1,550, for a total of $3.1 million annually. Profits went up 50%. All this based on an initial investment of $70,000 in training.

Move your career and organization to the next level with guidance from expert executive coaches. It's tempting to put it off because of financials and schedules—coaching helps you increase profits with less effort.